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The Digital Cluster Initiative is a new visionary model to achieve greater regional economic development through digital transformation, in New Zealand. A joint initiative between BNZ and Zeald, it aims to help Kiwi businesses and communities to prosper, and to thrive online.

Central Otago Wine has been selected to participate in the 2 ½ year pilot programme of the Digital Clusters Initiative. 

Starting with a pilot, the Digital Cluster Initiative will partner with three business groups to build them into digitally-advanced “clusters” to show what’s possible when state-of-the-art ecommerce and digital collaboration tools are put at the heart of Kiwi business communities. Groups will be supported to lift performance and to grow, with dedicated digital support.

Zeald will be building a bespoke digital marketplace to sell Central Otago Wines, for B2C and B2B sales, tailored to the cluster’s needs, products, and market (and provide individual ecommerce set-up for participants where needed). This new marketplace will provide a new sales channel that can integrate with your existing sales infrastructure while helping to open up new markets and unlock the potential of digital technology.

Over 40 Wineries have joined already!

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What the pilot programme will provide to the cluster of participating wineries:


Ecommerce platform and websites

Provide each business within the cluster with a free ecommerce platform and website (either new or refreshed) to enable them to trade online directly with customers (B2B and B2C) via the web. For those with existing website; explore integration and synchronisation options with the digital marketplace.

Digital marketplace

Provide the cluster with a digital marketplace to enable each business within the cluster to list its products for purchase. This marketplace can be used as a centralised place for customers to purchase products from members of the cluster and provides core benefits of discoverability, revenue and scale.

Cluster Marketing programme

Dedicated marketing specialist support for the duration of the Pilot. The specialist will create a tailored two-year digital marketing programme (which will be refined along the way) to support the cluster to market its products to prospective B2B and B2C customers within the local, domestic, and international markets.

Cluster Branding support

Conduct a brand identity workshop to assist clusters to brand and position themselves collectively and effectively in the wider New Zealand market and beyond. The workshop will focus on the cluster’s unique story and offer, key markets and channels, and identifying gaps for further support.

Cluster Education

Educate the businesses within the cluster on:
How to set up and develop a highly effective digitally-enabled cluster.
How to set up, run and manage ecommerce.
How to promote and support the growth of the digital cluster.
Support the clusters with access to ecommerce and digital expertise and advice from Zeald and network connections and commercial acumen from BNZ.

Information Videos:

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Find out how DCI can help your business

This information video covers what the DCI Pilot Program involves, how it can help your business, and what the next steps are.
All your questions:

Q&A Session with Zeald & BNZ

Find out what the initiative is about, how it will work and who it will help along with many more great questions.

Project Timeline, Key dates & Milestones

Nothing from September 24, 2022 to March 24, 2023.

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